Reluctant Hero

A boy whose brother is the hero of legend! They travel on the heroic journey together because of course there are orphans and the Hero doesn’t want to leave his younger brother behind. People praise and cheer for the Hero and sort of ignore his younger brother, or all they want to ask him is “Aren’t you proud to be the Hero’s brother?”

Except when the Hero goes to face his Ultimate Hero Challenge, it turns out that he isn’t the hero; his younger brother is, and has been all along. The True Hero succeeds, but his heroic, revered brother dies. The True Hero hated the crowds and the people getting cozy with his “hero” brother in hopes of sharing his fame and glory, and he hated fighting Evil even more, so when he returns, alone or with his brother’s body, he pins the heroic deeds on his dead brother so that people will leave him alone and let him return to his non-heroic life.

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