About a week or so later, Genos looked up at him after dinner and worked up the courage to ask. “Master? When you said you didn’t swing that way…”

“Huh?” Saitama, who had begun to pick up the dirty dishes, looked at him with a confused look on his face. “When I what?”

“Last week. You said you didn’t swing that way, but… you and I, we…”

“Oh.” Man. He had forgotten about that entirely. “I wasn’t just going to tell him I… wait, it didn’t make you feel rejected right?”

Genos shifted a bit, looking uncomfortable. “Does what I have between my legs matter?”

“Genos, you have nothing between your…” The lightbulb went on over Saitama’s head. “Genos?”

“You know I can change my genitalia at will, right?” Genos stood and began unbuttoning his pants.

Saitama looked even more confused. “You can… where is this conversation going?” He just stared open mouthed for a moment as Genos unveiled his bare body: still made of metal, of course, but with a touch of pink between his legs that definitely was not a penis. “Oooo… OOOH!” Dishes forgotten, he got to his feet to walk around the low table and close the distance between them. “How did you…?”

“Attachment made for my body. I didn’t think it’d see any use, but…” he shrugged. “I don’t care about having either, or something at all, but I thought it mattered to you, so I…”

Saitama interrupted him again. “It’s not permanent?”

Genos shook his head. “I have a few add-ons. I can switch or have nothing.”

Saitama tried to keep his enthusiasm down, but, he couldn’t lie. He was eager to try this. He was eager to try the current attachment and any other Genos could have, innie or outie. “Can we try it out? Right now?”

Genos had barely answered positively before Saitama was closing the curtains, pushing the table aside and pulling out the futon out. He patted the futon once, smiling at Genos, inviting him to lie down. “Get comfy. I’ll get the stuff.”

By the time Genos was sitting on the futon with his clothes off, Saitama had already come back with a large tube of lubricant, a few condoms and a roll of paper towels. Having sex with a cyborg was a lot dirtier than he would have thought if he had been asked before meeting Genos.

Still, he got to the task of getting Genos ready. No matter how sophisticated Genos’ body got, he still didn’t self-lubricate, so he applied more lube than less, freezing when he heard a moan. That… had not been him. “You feel that?!”

“… A few sensors are distributed in the attachment, yes,” Genos admitted, not looking at Saitama.

Oh wow. Saitama grabbed a condom, tore it right in two in his haste, swore and grabbed another, trying to open it more carefully this time. If Genos could feel that… maybe he could get him to come.

Once covered safely, Saitama lay on top of Genos, guiding his cock inside him. Genos was tight, really tight, fitting snuggly around his dick, but definitely artificial with bumps and ridges inside. Ribbed for his pleasure… and hopefully Genos’ as well.

As be began thrusting, he looked at Genos’ face, hoping he could feel even if only half the pleasure he was giving him. It was hard to read him at first: Genos did not sweat or blush, and he did not appear to breathe harder than usual. But soon, Genos shifted his hips, changing the angle of penetration so Saitama would get in deeper, and hooked his legs around his master’s hips.

“‘Hope it’s great for you too,” Saitama told Genos, breathless, both hands on Genos’ steel abs.

Genos looked up at Saitama and opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out except a small cry, then another, louder one, as his head rolled back in the thick futon.

Saitama leaned further over him, moving his hands to Genos’ hips because his torso was becoming uncomfortably hot.

“More!” Genos finally managed to croak out, back arching.

Saitama came undone at the moment, thrown over the edge by the need in Genos’ voice. He kept thrusting as much as he could while coming, but he had to pull out all too soon as his dick began softening inside Genos. “Sorry,” he apologized, tossing the condom in the trash. “… did you come?”

Genos paused for a moment, blinking blankly. “I’m… maybe.”


Ganos paused again. “I… I will ask for more sensors to be added.”

“Looking forward to it,” Saitama said as he moved in to peck Genos on the forehead.

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