5 Times Sonic Took Advantage of Saitama’s Functional AC

“SAITAMA!” Speed o’ Sound Sonic shouted as he slammed open the window of his rival’s apartment, “FIGHT ME!!!”

Fuck no,” was the answer. Bad enough that Sonic knew where he lived now. But going out in the hottest heatwave on record to punch that arrogant ninja in the mouth while he could stay inside with fully functional AC and ice cream? Yeah, right.

Hell, even Sonic, absolutely drenched in sweat, was realizing the same thing. “Ooh, it’s nice in here,” Saitama heard him mutter under his breath, upper body all the way inside the apartment.

“Come in or get out but close the window! You’re letting all the cold escape,” Saitama scolded him as if he was 5.

Sonic glared, but he slipped inside and closed the window before sitting on the floor, between the TV and the table. His black, skin-tight suit did very little to protect him from the heat.

Saitama slapped a box of tissues in his direction. “At least wipe your face.”

Sonic was barely done wiping the sweat off his brows when Genos, in a pink apron, came out of the small bathroom. “Master, who are you talking t—!!!” Genos was all guns out out and Sonic was on his feet with his katana unsheathed in the blink of an eye. Almost as fast as Saitama raised his hands to stop the both of them, in fact.

“HEY! No breaking the AC!!!”

The surprise of Saitama raising his voice stopped them both in their tracks.

“Good.” Saitama let out a sigh, then returned to savouring his ice cream.

Genos retracted all his arsenal and continued to the kitchen.

Sonic sat back down and idly enjoyed the cold until sundown.

The next day, Sonic slammed the window open again, but this time he just hopped inside and closed it.

Saitama was sitting in front of the TV with King with the AC on and a fan on their backs for maximum cool. “Not today either,” he said once Sonic was inside. “Too hot out.”

“Friend of yours?” King asked as he stole an item from Saitama in the video game they were playing.

“Augh! King, dammit!” he shouted at King for his actions in the game, but didn’t make any comment about Sonic’s status in his life.

King chuckled, then paused the game and offered Sonic a controller. “Here kid, play with us!”

When Genos came back with dinner an hour later, he wondered what sort of bizarro dimension he had stepped into.

When he came back two days later, there was no one home.

Sonic just shrugged, grabbed some bottled water from the fridge, cranked the AC to the max, and lay down into the breeze for a while.

He made an interesting discovery the next day with the Sun high in the sky and hitting his nape hard.

Saitama and Genos lounged naked in their apartment.


Of course Genos had no balls and even less of a dick, but Sonic was not interested in that.

No, what he was interested in was Saitama’s body. Where he was covered in scars and proud of the progress they represented, Saitama’s skin was smooth and nearly flawless. His body showed no trace of having been altered, either. What kind of training had he had? Maybe he had taken drugs to become so strong…

He only realized he had been staring when Genos brought Saitama a popsicle and Saitama began licking it in a manner he didn’t even seem to realize was suggestive. Or maybe Sonic had a dirty mind. Either way, he decided to leave before he got heatstroke.

Maybe he should have stayed the day before, despite the suffocating heat. Or maybe he should have arrived earlier. Whichever would have offered him the same show he was witnessing now: Saitama and Genos, lounging naked again, but this time, sitting in each other’s laps and jerking each other off. Genos, he didn’t know how, had a dick this time, mechanical in appearance, but Saitama was stroking it as if it was real, forehead resting against Genos’. They were both visibly panting in pleasure.

Sonic moved a slim hand down his abdomen to stroke himself as he watched intently from the building across the street. He didn’t have the best angle from where he was, but he could tell what they were doing and watch their expressions as they gave each other pleasure. He didn’t pay much attention to Genos, but Saitama he couldn’t tear his gaze from. His normally blank face was alive with arousal, brows furrowed, eyes squeezed shut, mouth open, lips pink and wet, a fine sheen of sweat over his skin. Soon, Sonic was panting along and he shoved his pants down to pull his cock out in order not to stain the black fabric. He felt a strong jolt shoot up his spine when Saitama threw his head back, mouth open in a scream he didn’t hear; he came undone when Genos smeared cum over Saitama’s cheek while grabbing his face to kiss him on the mouth.

He was gone by the time Genos looked out the window, however, leaving a mess on the floor of the vacant building.

The humidity and heat were up to an all time high today, and so were Sonic’s hormone levels. He was hot, horny, sweaty, and all around cranky, so when he saw Saitama and Genos together again, naked like the day before, he did not hesitate.

He was sitting on the windowsill with the window wide open and his cock out before they had barely started foreplay. “‘Sup, heroes.”

Saitama looked less surprised than he expected. Probably all that AC mooching. Not that Sonic really cared, given that he could see Saitama’s body from up close if he was let in. “What do you want?”

“Some of that,” Sonic answered, stroking the base of his cock without regards for the threatening noises coming from Genos.

“Fuck off,” Genos told him.

Sonic shrugged and stared at Saitama as he spoke. “I can also break the AC on my way out.”

“I can embed you in the wall across the street,” Genos growled.

Saitama raised his hands again, stopping them for the sake of the AC, and Sonic knew he’d won. He stepped inside, closing the window carefully before stepping out of his clothes with practiced ease. He sat on Saitama’s other side and watched, amused, as Genos kissed Saitama possessively. He wasn’t here for kisses anyway. He was here to… gather information. Yes. The AC gave him a bit of a chill, but that gave him an excuse to sit next to Saitama, skin to skin. Even up close, his skin was unmarked by battle scars. He watched as the cyborg trailed kisses along Saitama’s neck and chest, heading downwards. It was probably safest to let him take the lead, which didn’t stop Sonic from lightly tugging Saitama’s hand toward his cock.

And then Genos swallowed Saitama’s cock to the root, and Saitama winced painfully, and he just had to step in.

“The hell are you doing?! You’re hurting him!”

Genos glared at him from Saitama’s crotch, but pulled back, mercifully.

“Are you using teeth? Dammit, let me show you how it’s really done.” Sonic curled up at Saitama’s side and, after nudging Genos aside a bit, gave his hard cock a lick to soothe before swallowing him only halfway, coating him with saliva and caressing it with his tongue. He pulled back slowly, wrapping his lips around the crown before kissing the tip, then going back down again.

Genos watched begrudgingly. Saitama was liking it, he could tell by the rise in breathing, heartbeat and sweat production, but he didn’t appreciate being idle while his Master was being pleasured by this… streaker. And being called out on his oral technique. He was not perfect but he was doing it with care, dammit!

Scowling, Genos switched sides, lying beside Sonic, and spread his cheek to give the cleft between them a lick with his silicon tongue, wet with artificial spit.

Sonic nearly choked on Saitama’s dick when he felt that.

Pleased with himself, Genos continued, giving the small hole a good bath. It wasn’t long before he had Sonic squirming with each lick and moaning nearly constantly around Saitama’s dick. Who was bad at oral now?

As much as Sonic’s blowjob skills were superior to Genos’, he was too distracted by the rimming now to do a good job, so Saitama ran his hands through the ninja’s hair before pulling his head off his dick. He felt his cheeks heat up as Sonic followed obediently, looking at him with his mouth open, his lips red and his tongue lolling out, with a string of spit still connecting said tongue to the tip of his dick.

“What gives?” Sonic asked after swallowing. Even Genos had stopped, watching Saitama get up and grab lube and condoms from the table.


“You did say you wanted some of that…” Saitama reminded Sonic as he covered his cock in latex. “… right?”

Sonic swallowed again. He was not afraid. Far from it. He was in awe. Somehow Saitama had manage to stand in the lighting of the apartment just right for his muscles to be outlined and enhanced by the shadows. For a brief moment, Sonic thought that maybe the guy didn’t look half bad. He looked… strong.

Shaking his head and chuckling, Sonic got up on shaky legs and took a step toward Saitama. “I want all of that.”

Saitama handed Genos, who was standing behind Sonic, a pair of latex gloves and the lube.

With a grin, Sonic looked over his shoulder at the cyborg, then back to Saitama. “I don’t think I need much of that, but, if you insist.” Genos pressed two cold, metal fingers to his hole at that moment, making Sonic gasp and raise himself on tip toes in surprise at the stark difference of temperature. He would have fallen forward had Saitama not caught him. He was grateful for the lube as well, because Genos’ fingers, having no yield in them, felt much bigger than usual. But even then, it was far from being Sonic’s first time. Once his insides had warmed Genos’s fingers, he loosened quickly, letting the cyborg add another finger inside easily.

“As much as I bet you wanna shove your whole fist in there,” Sonic told Genos over his shoulder, “I’d prefer a nice dick.” He punctuated his sentence by grabbing Saitama’s cock and giving it a squeeze.

“How about two nice dicks,” was Genos’ reply, and Sonic had seen it earlier in passing but only now, as Genos pressed it against his ass, did he actually realize Genos had a dick–well probably more of a dildo–down there today.

Undaunted, Sonic hid his wide grin against Saitama’s shoulder. “Two, huh? For heroes, you’re pretty damn sleazy.”

“Is that a no?” Saitama asked.

Sonic answered by planting a firm kiss on Saitama’s lips, surprising even himself. “That’s a ‘fuck me already’, dumbass.” He hopped onto Saitama who caught him, then lowered him onto his dick with Genos’ help. Sonic hooked his legs around Saitama’s waist, moaning at the sensation of finally being filled after all that teasing from the cyborg. He tensed when he felt the nudge of Genos’ dick, expecting it to be as cold as his fingers. He was pleasantly surprised when the metallic chest pressing against his back turned out of be comfortably warm, almost like a real human being’s. And so was his cock, inching slowly into him, stretching and filling him up, making his legs weak and heavy. His legs gave out once Genos was in as much as he could and he slumped against Saitama, panting harshly, his feet not touching the ground.

“Are you okay?” Saitama asked, trying to balance Sonic’s weight between himself and Genos.

“If you stop I will stab you in your sleep,” Sonic answered huskily.

Genos bristled at that. “You dare threaten Master Saitama?”

Sonic groaned loudly as he felt Genos shift inside him and pull back slightly. “Easy there gearhead! It’s not literal…” he panted, toes curling in thin air, “… no need to break my ass over it…” He clung desperately to Saitama’s shoulders.

“Genos,” Saitama spoke softly, “come closer.”

The cyborg obeyed immediately, reaching around Sonic to hold Saitama’s waist as they squeezed the ninja in between them. Sonic exhaled and relaxed, allowing gravity to make him take Saitama’s and Genos’ dicks further in. All three of them moaned at the sensation, although there was still one point to clarify.

“Can we move?” Saitama asked, a fine sheen of sweat making his skin glisten. It was tight inside Sonic, really tight, and with Genos’s cock pressed so close against his own, he suspected he would not last long if they could start fucking Sonic.

“One of you can move,” Sonic answered, nearly drooling on Saitama’s shoulder. They both felt fucking huge, but he refrained from telling them that.

Saitama nodded at Genos, and the cyborg pulled out just an inch before pushing back in with a grunt.

Stars exploded in Sonic’s vision and he screamed, planting his blunt nails in Saitama’s shoulder blades. “R-right there!”

With a small grin, Genos did it again, and again, enjoying this new way of making Sonic scream. He didn’t have time to enjoy it much, however. 2 minutes and 47 seconds later, Sonic hooked his right foot around Genos’ calf and nearly sobbed as orgasm crashed over him, thick come spilling between him and Saitama before his body went limp and heavy in Saitama’s arms. Saitama held him up, his fingers leaving bruises on the ninja’s thighs, as he came as well, filling up the condom. Genos followed right after, his groan of pleasure interrupted by a small glitch as his system failed to process the storm of info flooding his brain.

Sonic swore softly as Genos lifted him off his and Saitama’s cock by the armpits, then again when he was laid in a heap on the floor to rest. Saitama let himself fall at his side, curling up on himself and sighing in contentment. Normally Genos would go get him a towel to clean up, but today the cyborg spooned against his master’s back, marking his place at his master’s side. Not that Sonic cared in the slightest, busy enjoying the AC and his afterglow.

In the distance, thunder rolled, signalling the end of the heatwave.

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